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Don’t want the usual tourist trip to Rome?
See the other side of the Eternal City
with these top 10 unusual things to do in Rome that aren’t on your list

There are so many wonderful things to do in Rome. Rome is not only one of the oldest but the most beautiful and unique cities in the world. A place where you can literally walk amongst the ruins of its two and a half thousand-year-old history. Sometimes called “Roma Aeterna” (The Eternal City) and “Caput Mundi” (Capital of the World), these two names communicate the two central notions of the ancient Roman culture.

My affection for Rome all started when I first visited the Italian capital back in 2006. Not only was it my first trip abroad, but it was also a sort of pilgrimage to travel back to the country where my dad and his family had emigrated from. My two-week trip set the wheels in motion to what eventually led to me studying Italian and moving to Rome in 2010.

I spent three incredible years exploring Rome and the regions of Italy. I was determined to see every corner before venturing beyond Italy’s borders. Each of its 20 regions is unique in its history, language, and culinary delights, but Rome is the one place all travellers must-see in their lifetime.

I treasured my time getting to know Rome through visiting its hundreds of churches, archaeological sites, museums, and mouth-watering restaurants and gelateria’s. I was fortunate enough to have made very close friends with the locals who showed me Rome through their eyes. From taking me to a forno (bakery) at 3am to grab a delicious pizza bianca (a plain ‘white pizza’ sprinkled with coarse salt) after a night out on the town, to showing me an optical illusion involving the cupola of St Peter’s Basilica, my friends shared it all.

I cringe whenever people tell me they are only visiting Rome for only a couple of days. Don’t let the relatively small size of the historic centre fool you. There is so much more to Rome than the Trevi Fountain and Colosseum. Be aware that all these typical tourist hotspots are swarming with other like-minded tourists which makes for a rather stressful experience. What’s more, the surrounding restaurants take advantage of making a quick tourist buck by serving mediocre food, that’s why you’ll hear mixed reviews from people after their experience in Rome. Luckily, you’ve stumbled across my website where I’ll continue to share further insights on Rome. Be sure to subscribe for my newsletter in the footer so you don’t miss a beat.

That being said, promise me that you will stay in Rome for at least four days. That’s me being lenient, too! By all means, go ahead and see the attractions Rome is famous for, but make sure you allow enough time to go off the beaten track and visit these must-see beauties that will make your experience even more memorable.

Map of the top 10 unique things to do in Rome > from The Intrepid Guide